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小鹅e贷团队核心成员毕业于同济、复旦、上海财经大学、华南理工等名校的金融经济和软件工程专业。创立小鹅e贷之前,团队成员都是各自工作领域的精英。团队通过借鉴孟加拉国格莱珉银行(Grameen Bank)的“微型信贷”经验,联合政府相关主管部门,通过行业协会深入合作,通过当地村集体有效管理融资客户的非国有产权资产的流向。团队从2013年开始试点在粤东等欠发达地区开展互联网金融创业工作,旨在帮助中小企业解决融资难问题,助力欠发达农村地区中小微企业金融服务的发展。







Company Profile

    EasyFinancing(www.xiaoeyidai.com) is the earliest and largest internet financial services platform located in the east of Guangdong, China. It is committed to build a comfortable, convenient, secure, transparent network financial service platform for the borrower and investors. Through the establishment of safe and quick, standard and professional network platform, it create a new, efficient and convenient financing channel for the demand for funds, also provided the investment opportunity with extremely low risk while reasonable return for investors.

    The EasyFinancing project team also cooperate with the local government to build and operate the first large-scale comprehensive financial information service platform -- Jieyang Financial Supermarket (www.jyjrcs.com), which has got the support of almost all the local financial services organization, meanwhile, the loans demand information of local residents. It is committed to build a convenient financial information services and docking platform for local enterprises and individuals, let the people more conveniently enjoy all kinds of financial service. At present, such kind of comprehensive regional large-scale internet financial information service platform hasn’t occurred in other place in China.

    Guangdong is the frontier zone of Chinese reform and opening up. Chaoshanese people, known as "Oriental Jew", are one of the earliest crowds who completed the primitive accumulation in China in the Chinese reform and opening up. Chaoshanese people addition to be good at business, there is another more prominent feature, is that they have a deep family values and concept of home. Due to not much land and lots of people in Chaoshan area, Chaoshanese people have a very strong house consciousness. People tend to purchase real estate and land if possible, passing to descendants.

    And such kind of land or building property within the village, although the value was highly recognized among the villagers, but no bank is willing to provide mortgage loans base on them because there is no national accreditation certificate for such kind of asset.

    This led directly to the huge difficulty in the industrial transformation process of the local small and medium enterprises. Their original accumulation was unable to be activated and unable be put in the circulation through the mortgage form bank, therefore missed a lot of opportunities to develop.

    At present, the local government introduced various policies to stimulate the economy, such as the Jieyang Airport Economic Zone, bilateral cooperation projects -- Sino German Metal Ecological City and so on, to create a huge market prospects, but many small and medium-sized enterprises was unable to participate fully in it because of its lack of money to invest.

    The core team members of EasyFinancing were graduated from Tongji University, Fudan University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and South China University of Technology. Before EasyFinancing founded, team members were the elite in their field. The pilot work of internet financial service in underdeveloped area like Chaoshan, aimed at according the real running situation of the local economy, solving their financing problems and helping the development of SMEs’ financial services in less developed rural areas.


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